“Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together.”

—James Cash Penney

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Technical Definition.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science in which tactics derived from the principles of behavior are applied systematically to improve socially significant behavior and experimentation is used to identify the variables responsible for the behavior change.
Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2007)

Simply Put.

ABA is a science used to determine why unwanted behaviors are occurring and how those behaviors can be effectively reduced.  Appropriate replacement behaviors will then be incorporated into the learners’ skill set by way of ABA therapy.


At Seacoast ABA Therapy & Consulting we are committed to producing meaningful behavior change using evidence-based practices. Our primary focus is to give our clients the skills they need to maximize independence and success in their daily lives. Inevitably, relationships will improve between the client and those around them.


We are now accepting new clients in the greater Seacoast area, offering in-home and in-school services!
Through the ABA treatment programs we provide, families will see socially significant, positive improvements in numerous areas of their child’s lives.  We understand that no two children have the same strengths and areas of deficit.  Each behavior plan is individualized to meet the specific areas of need for each child.  Our approach provides support for the whole family, creating a unified family system that can be maintained outside of sessions.

Our Testimonials.

“Our family welcomed Brittany into our home when our daughter was 5 years old. Brittany instantly connected with our daughter, establishing a relationship of respect and trust with her that put us all at ease. Brittany was vital in coming up with a plan to address areas in which our daughter struggled to function safely in our home and community. With Brittany’s guidance, our daughter not only learned how to play independently, but to actually enjoy playtime. Our daughter learned vital community safety skills allowing our family to enjoy time out in our neighborhood going for walks or riding bikes. Thanks to Brittany’s creative ideas, like using glow sticks to alleviate my daughter’s fear of a dark movie theater, we have enjoyed many family nights out at the movies. Most importantly, our daughter was able to fully participate, using strategies implemented by Brittany, in the ballet class she wanted to take. Brittany has been an absolute blessing to our family and we will be forever grateful for the progress she helped our daughter achieve. Today, thanks in large part to ABA therapy with Brittany, our daughter is a happy, thriving 8 year old in mainstream 2nd grade and still dancing.”
Melissa K.Parent of former client
“When I learned that there would be a student joining our class with the need for one on one support, I had concerns about the disruptions this would bring to the classroom. Would there be judgement and criticism concerning the methods and management used in the classroom? Would there be conflict about the best ways to help this student succeed academically as well as socially? It was not long before I knew this would not be the case. It was clear that this would be a team effort and that a top priority was to keep minimal disruption to the every day learning and routines that this class established. Professionalism and discretion was used at all times. Insights were shared only when sought after. The management of the student was seamless and never a disruption to the classroom. The care and patience for this student was abundant. Brittany’s service to this student was a great asset to the class as a whole and a blessing to me personally.”
Lisa S.former classroom teacher involved in inclusion support relationship
“Before having Brittany in my early childhood classroom, I had very few tools and strategies for handling some of the challenging behaviors that can come along with Autism. She assisted me through modeling how to navigate uncharted waters. By building upon the young student’s strengths and encouraging independence, we watched his confidence grow. Over time, Brittany successfully used positive reinforcement, timely breaks, and visual cues with the student to support him and he was able to remain in our classroom for the full day. It was obvious that Brittany genuinely cared for this child and his family while offering a personal plan tailored to meet his social and academic needs. Brittany’s professionalism, knowledge, and skill has built the foundation for her to foster an excellent rapport with the parents and classroom teachers at our school.”
Ruth B.former classroom teacher involved in inclusion support relationship
“Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had ABA services in my home by Brittany. She helped me navigate though how to respond to the challenging behaviors my son was having. She helped our whole family to better understand my son and he what he was going though, which can be especially difficult for siblings. I was able to see my son accomplish so much thanks to the ABA therapy. Social skills, disruptive problem behaviors and daily life skills are a few of the areas she covered during our sessions. She was always very dependable and compassionate when working to help my child grow in to who he is today.”
Mary A.parent of a former client

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