-ABA Therapy Services-

ABA Therapy.

Home-based ABA therapy allows us to design specific treatment models addressing particular behaviors of deficit or concern in the environment that they naturally occur. The long-term goal is to generalize the child’s new skills across the home, community and school settings.

The staff at Seacoast ABA Therapy & Consulting work closely with families to implement behavioral programs targeted to support age-appropriate social interactions, communication skills and reduce problematic behaviors that interfere with everyday life.

If a child is attending early intervention groups or a summer program, the team may decide to have some services provided on-site to allow opportunities for inclusion and coordination of goals and teaching strategies.

Through the ABA treatment programs we offer, families will see significant improvements in numerous areas of their child’s lives, including:

  • Functional communication (expressive and receptive language)
  • Independence in daily living skills
  • Community safety skills
  • Academic readiness
  • Toilet training
  • Social skills

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Partnership programs offer schools the opportunity to provide services to their students in partnership with an established behavior analytic agency like Seacoast ABA Therapy & Consulting.

This model provides supervisory staff educated in the principles of ABA to train and supervise public school personnel working with students with intensive needs.

Additionally, we provide case supervision, ongoing training, and curriculum



We are able to provide inclusion support staff who can deliver individualized 1:1 services. The goal is to increase the likelihood that children with behavioral challenges can remain within the general education classroom. Full or part-time behavior therapists are available to work in support of the lead classroom teachers.

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